How Will (My black cat) helped me with this short article.

My cat is always around me; he is a rescued Brazilian cat that came with my wife as a bundle, and I love him so much.

Mar 27, 2023

When editing images, I always think about what is inside his mind; sometimes, he stares at the screen, like judging my work, so I decided to write this small article to share my editing and what I had in mind then.

I was determined to create an image as he was judging me, and with my Lumix S5 and a couple of minutes at my Lightroom for iPad, I did it.

See the video for the transformation; I just recorded my moves in Lightroom. I am also testing the "paywall" so I can buy more food for him (Just a joke); let me know if you want to see "the director's cut" while editing.

Have Fun and let me know your thoughts